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HIstory of Football Thanksgiving

Football Thanksgiving has been a tradition in our family and circle of friends for many years and it took some thought to remember when it started. It actually began the first football season Donald and I were together in 1993. We used to watch the games every Sunday at our house with our friend Tim. As an incentive for Tim to drive the 25 miles to our house, we would cook for him. When we moved in with Donald’s best friend, Kenny, word spread to all our single friends and in a very short time we had a full house every Sunday.

Our tradition of cooking for our friends every Sunday evolved into a big celebration on the first Sunday of football because we were so glad that football season was back. We combined that with Laura’s favorite meal – turkey and all the fixings – and it seemed fate that we should name the first Sunday of the NFL regular season – Football Thanksgiving.

We are not clear whether it was this same fate or just happenstance that our wedding date ended up on Football Thanksgiving so even though the tradition was evolving before 1998, we can say that our first big Football Thanksgiving was our wedding day. That's us in the corner watching the Cowboys game at our reception.

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